Lyman/Ideal 310 References



Lyman 310 Tool  
At present, Lyman offers:    

   Handles: Large and Small
   RIFLE Sets - .30-30 Win , 38-55, .44/40, .45-70
   PISTOL Sets - .38 Spl./357 Mag., .44 Rem. Mag., .45 Colt

The 310 Shop
Ideal & Lyman 310 Reloading Hand Tools

   Chances are they got it or can make it. Parts, dies,spares...

Lyman 310 Dies
Cliff's Gunsmithing has some 310 Sets

How to Reload with a Lyman 310 Tool  
From the LA Silhouette Club

Lyman 310 Factory Instruction Manual Repro with Laminated Dies Reference Chart
Reprint of Instructions and a handy laminated sheet of dies and parts for the 310.