Powder Charge Stand

I use a good bit of 2400 ( if I can continue to find it in the future ? ), One of my favorite loads in my 30-06 is 17.2 grs. with 150 - 220 gr. cast bullets.

I ordered an RCBS Little Dandy Rotor that throws 17.2 grs. of 2400 , dead nuts on, every throw. PERFECT ! ! !

At one time I had my powder measure off to my right, I continued working back and forth . I guess I'm a slow learner. Eventually it dawned on me that I needed to relocate my powder measure .

About 20 minutes of work on my radial arm saw and drill press and I ended up with a powder measure stand that meets my needs very well. It is assembled with wood glue and long air nails. It will clearly outlast me !

I really like my set up now.

Quick , safe and easy to use.


If for any reason, I need to move the powder measure stand, I can take my cordless drill and remove 4 screws and it is out of the way.

Here I am loading some 06' with 17.2 grs. of 2400 with my IDEAL 31141 HPs. I really like this set up.