Through the years I've owned several Lee Hand Press reloading tools. The press is ideal for someone who lives in an apartment, mobile home or lives in a situation where building a reloading bench isn't practical at the moment.

The little press is a real Titan, as it can easily full length re-size a 30-06 case with no problems at all.

I've loaned a few and given a few away to start a novice reloader , etc. Bottom line is, ---- I got myself in a position where I didn't have one myself.

Last week, I placed an order for a new one. This time , I ordered the newly designed model with the Lee Breech
Lock interrupted threads. This press is simply a stroke of genius ! !

The dies snap ( very securely , I might add ) in and out allowing the user to swap dies in the press just about as fast as you can use a turret press. BTW.... The Lee
Hand Press will accept any brand of 7/8 X 14 dies.

I chose the Lee Lock-Ring Eliminators instead of the conventional Lee Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings that many of you are familiar with. When the press arrived, I removed the Lee Lock rings from the 38 Spec. Lee 3 die set. The dies are then screwed down into the Lock-Ring Eliminators. The Lock-Ring Eliminators serve 2 purposes.......(1) They have a split ring with an allen screw that allow you to get your dies adjusted and lock them with the allen screw. ( you can't do that with conventional Lee Lock rings )
(2) The Lock - Ring Eliminators have the interrupted threads on the outside and snap in place preventing you from having to take each die and screw it in and out of the press saving TONS OF TIME.

Once I got the Lee 3 die 38 Special Carbide set clean, I loaded a few rounds. Simply amazing ! ! I couldn't be happier !

Now if I can keep this one.

I put this package together for my gand-son. It is stored in a very sturdy $25 Plano brand water proof case. It is set up in 38 Special right now but could be easily set up for your needs in 6.5 Jap in a few minutes also. The system centers around the Lee Hand Press which takes conventional 7/8 - 14 reloading dies of any brand and conventional shell holders. Mine has the quick change system of putting dies in and out of the hand press. Super quick and fool proof.

You could use this system and load QUALITY ammo for your 6.5 Jap for $200 or less. When you're finished loading, slide it under a bed and you're finished. Need to travel ? ? - - take it with you.