Fun at the range today


Recently, I took my NOE, 2 cav., 175 gr. 38/357 wide flat nose mold and removed the g/c shank from 1 of the cavities.   Al is selling the NOE mold as a plain base I believe.  ( Of course, I still have the rear cavity as a g/c if I want to throttle it up.)


I thought that a good " test bed " for this bullet would be my ( new to me ) 10 " bull barrel, 357 Magnum , Thompson Center Contender , single shot pistol.


The load would be 5.0 grs. of Alliant Unique with the NOE Plain base, 180 gr. , Wide flat nose, sized .358".

Here is what the bullets look like  :

Here is my T/C , 10 " bull barrel Contender that I fired these bullets out of :

My friend Bryan had never fired a T/C Single shot pistol before.  I asked him to fire 10 rounds at 25 yards.  Considering he had never fire a T/C before, I thought that the target was respectable.





While at the range I tested more NOE bullets in my 30-06 .  

I've always had great results out of the plain base, NOE 311331, at 222 grains, sized .311 in every 30-06 that I've ever tried it out of.  ( that is around a dozen now )

Here is what the NOE 311331 looks like, sized .311" and lubed with Ben's Red :




Here is a 5 round target that I fired at 50 yards today with my Tikka, 30-06 rifle.   The load was 8.3 grs. of American Select with the NOE 311331 cast bullet, sized to .311" with Win. Large Rifle Primers.



I also shot the NOE 311440 ( 5 rounds at 50 yards ) , gas check with 8.3 grs. of American Select , sized to .311" and .014 " thick aluminum gas check that I make, primed with Win. Large Rifle Primers.   A fairly impressive group in my opinion.





It has been very interesting to me that very minor changes in propellant weight , or primer brand can have a big impact on the accuracy potential of .30 cal. plain base bullets.  Notice the lower group was 9.0 grs. of propellant, the same bullet in the upper group was 9.5 grs.   Look at the difference in the group size.  Again, 5 rounds at 50 yards, 30-06, NOE 311331 , sized .311 with International Clays powder.


It was a fun day at the range today.  

Remember, " A bad day at the range is better than a good day at work."  




Disclaimer -


Please don't take my loading data you see in this article ( or anyone else's loading data you've read ) and use it without comparing my load data to that provided to you by powder manufacturers and / or other reliable and trusted reloading manuals.


Use my loads at your own risk. I take no responsibility for the safety of any load data that you've seen here in this article.


I hope you've enjoyed reading this article !

Good Shooting to all of you,


Ben Hays

Cleveland, AL